Laravel Blade If Multiple Conditions Example

In this example, You learn laravel blade If multiple conditions example, how to use if multiple condition in laravel blade application, if statement with multiple condition in laravel app, laravel blade if multiple conditions, laravel blade if multiple conditions.

If You have to use @if, @else and @elseif directives to construct if statement, else statement and elseif statement respectively. Similarly, the @endif directive will end the if statement for you.


@if (condition)
@elseif (condition)

Laravel Blade If Condition Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Laravel Blade If Multiple Conditions Example</title>
    <h1>Laravel Blade If Multiple Conditions Example -</h1>
    @if (count($records) === 1)
        <p>I have one record!</p>
    @elseif (count($records) === 2)
        <p>I have two records!</p>
    @elseif (count($records) > 1)
        <p>I have multiple records!</p>
        <p>I don't have any records!</p>

I hope you understand laravel blade if multiple condition and it can help you…

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